Puddle ducks

Larger Birds: $125 per decoy
"Mallards, Pintails, Black Ducks, Widgeon, Gadwall."
Wood Ducks: $150 per decoy

Diving ducks

Smaller Birds: $100 per decoy
"Greenwing teal, Bluewing teal, Shoveler."
Larger Birds: $125 per decoy
"Common Golden Eye, Blue Bills, Canvasback, Red Head, Red Breasted Merganser, Common Merganser, Barrow's Goldeneye."   
Smaller Birds: $100 per decoy 
"Buffle Heads, Harlequin, Old Squaw, Ring Necks, Hooded Merganser."

* Prices do not include shipping and handling.  I will include quote for shipping charges with order.