In The Field


Thank you for visiting Whistling Wings Decoys! My desire is to expand my vision on decoy carving and provide you with the best hand crafted gunning duck decoys.

~ Jack 


About me

My name is Jack Holz. I am currently a sophomore at Northern Michigan University studying criminal justice. I am 20 years old. I've been duck hunting the waters of Green Bay, WI since I was 5 and am still an avid waterfowl hunter. I first got into carving at the age of 15 when I started to notice the amazing decoy carvings at local DU events. I wanted the best that decoys had to offer and that led me to go out and make my own. I taught myself how to carve from the ground up. My goal at first was to make a rig to hunt over for myself. However, because of demand for my decoys I've expanded my business and created this website. My goal is to allow others to hunt over a piece of handmade American art.